Working on Industrial Innovation? Hear from Industry Titans & Innovators

e10 co-founders discuss their digital platform for connecting students, schools, and businesses

John & Casey Welch, Tallo with Zack Parnell, ITI


e09 RealWear Founder Andy Lowery on His Company's Advanced Knowledge Transfer Device

Andy Lowery, RealWear with Zack Parnell, ITI

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e08 xAPI Inventor & SCORM Innovator Mike Rustici on Learning Management Systems

Mike Rustici, Watershed LRS with Zack Parnell, ITI

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e07 Safety and Training in the Nuclear Industry at the Electric Power Research Institute

Gary Boles and Elizabeth Benavides, Electric Power Research Institute with Zack Parnell, ITI

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e06 Workforce Development and Training for the Future at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh

Rich DiClaudio, Energy Innovation Center, Charlie Shliebs, Stone Pier, and Jim Dorris, United Rentals with Zack Parnell, ITI

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e05 $150B is Spent on Workforce Training & Development. Is it a Waste?

Kevin Yates, Learning Measurement Services and Tony Groat, International Powered Access Federation with Pinky Gonzales

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e03 United Rentals' Advanced Solutions Group Takes on Productivity in the Construction Industry

Helge Jacobsen, Vice President of Operational Excellence and Innovation at United Rentals with Pinky Gonzales

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e02 Bechtel Innovation Chief on Construction Innovation at 120yo Behemoth

David Wilson, Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel Corporation with Zack Parnell, CEO of Industrial Training International 

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e01 VR Training in Heavy Industry

Jim Dorris, Vice President of Health Safety, Environment and Sustainability at United Rentals, Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs Inc., and Zack Parnell, CEO of Industrial Training International with Pinky Gonzales