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LITES Podcast E07 - Safety and Training in the Nuclear Industry at the Electric Power Research Institute

EPRI, Innovation, Energy, Nuclear Energy August 10, 2018

How does the nuclear power industry ensure the safety of their employees at nuclear power plants? Programs like the HRCUG, Gen Ed, and STE are helping educate industrial workers of today and the future to maintain a safe working environment in nuclear facilities worldwide.  

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LITES Podcast E06 - Workforce Development and Training for the Future at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh

Innovation, EICPittsburgh, VR Demo, Stone Pier, Energy July 10, 2018

How are energy companies supporting sustainable workforce development while bringing innovation and technology forward? We took a closer look at how companies in a city that is considered to be a technology hub are coming together to align workforce development and education, develop and demonstrate technology, and incubate business.

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