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LITES Podcast E09 - RealWear Founder Andy Lowery on His Company's Advanced Knowledge Transfer Device

Technology, RealWear, Andy Lowery, Knowledge Transfer, Innovation December 4, 2018

How can heavy industry employees get real-time answers to all of their on-the-job-site questions? How are companies evolving to accommodate the incoming millennial workforce? RealWear devices can answer these questions and so many more.

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LITES Podcast E08 - xAPI Inventor & SCORM Innovator Mike Rustici on Learning Management Systems

watershed, xapi, scorm, Technology, LMS October 3, 2018

How are companies building learning management systems to train their employees? xAPI and SCORM help companies design eLearning courses for their employees so that they can do their best work on the job.

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LITES Podcast E07 - Safety and Training in the Nuclear Industry at the Electric Power Research Institute

Innovation, Energy, EPRI, Nuclear Energy August 10, 2018

How does the nuclear power industry ensure the safety of their employees at nuclear power plants? Programs like the HRCUG, Gen Ed, and STE are helping educate industrial workers of today and the future to maintain a safe working environment in nuclear facilities worldwide.  

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LITES Podcast E06 - Workforce Development and Training for the Future at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh

VR Demo, EICPittsburgh, Stone Pier, Innovation, Energy July 10, 2018

How are energy companies supporting sustainable workforcePicture1-1 development while bringing innovation and technology forward? We took a closer look at how companies in a city that is considered to be a technology hub are coming together to align workforce development and education, develop and demonstrate technology, and incubate business.

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LITES Podcast E05 - $150B is Spent on Workforce Training & Development. Is It a Waste?

Training Efficacy, Training & Development, innovation on job site, podcast, kevin yates, tony groat May 29, 2018

When over $150 billion is spent on training and development in the US every year, we ask ourselves if there is any evidence that this time and money spent is contributing to the business' overall goal. How should this training be measured? Who should be held accountable?

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Join Us for VR Crane & Equipment Simulation Demo Day & Happy Hour

LITES, Technology, Innovation, EICPittsburgh May 14, 2018

June 20, 2018LITES Header

LITES is set to host an open house at the Energy Innovation Center on Wednesday, Jun20, 2018. Event logistics and free registration is now available at

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LITES Podcast E04 - President of Bechtel Equipment, Jim Nolan, On Construction Management & Innovation

LITES, Bechtel, Innovation, innovation on job site, jim nolan May 2, 2018

How can the implementation of technology effect construction 200px-Bechtel_logojob-sites all over the world? Bechtel Corporation uses applied data and analytics to solve large-scale construction issues involving productivity, operation, and job-site budgeting.

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LITES Podcast E03 - United Rentals’ Advanced Solutions Group Takes On Productivity In The Construction Industry

LITES, ITIVR, United Rentals, United Academy April 16, 2018
How can United Rentals create a safer helge-2 and more efficient working environment for people in the construction industry? Employees within the company are answering this question by meeting every Tuesday morning to problem solve and find cross-functioning solutions to construction industry problems.
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LITES Podcast E02 - Bechtel Innovation Chief on Construction Innovation at 120yo Behemoth

Inflatable scaffolding? Artificial clouds? These are some of the radical ideas that Bechtel Corporation employees have created that could help solve problems or provide safety benefits to working on a client site. The creators of these ideas are told to, "Shoot for crazy, because genius is just shy of crazy."

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Bechtel Equipment President to Welcome LITES Attendees for VR Training Event in Houston

LITES January 29, 2018

On February 16, 2018

Jim Nolan, President of Bechtel Equipment Operations is scheduled to welcome attendees to the LITES Event at the Bechtel Welding and Applied Technology Center in Houston, TX, on February 16.

Leadership in Industrial Technology, Education & Safety (, through events and podcasts, facilitates an ecosystem and conversation by bringing together innovative organizations at all levels of the supply chain - owners, contractors, and technology providers - in a discussion regarding improving safety and productivity in construction and industrial work environments. Organizations involved with LITES aim to combat several factors facing heavy industries including skilled labor shortages, productivity challenges, and safety performance.
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