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LITES Podcast E12 - The NCCCO Foundation Study: Virtual Reality's Role in Crane Operator Certification Testing

NCCCO Certification, ITI VR, VR Training, Technology, VR Crane Simulator, Education, Heavy Industry June 1, 2020

CEO of the NCCCO Foundation, Graham Brent, and PhD& CEO of Authentic Testing, Wallace Judd, join ITI President/CEO, Zack Parnell, to discuss the NCCCO Foundation's recent study on how virtual reality can play a role in certification.

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LITES Podcast E11 - Bechtel & Barnhart Alumni Rigging Engineers on Cranes, Construction, and Training

Technology, Education, Heavy Industry March 11, 2020

ITI CEO Zack Parnell sits down with Chief Rigging Engineer for Bechtel, Keith Anderson alongside former SVP of Engineering & Technical Services at Barnhart, Jim Yates and ITI Founder Mike Parnell for a lively discussion on the future of rigging engineering.

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LITES Podcast E10 - co-founders discuss their digital platform for connecting students, schools, and businesses

Technology, Education, Heavy Industry May 30, 2019

How can a tech savvy student find a path to a good paying job in Heavy Industry? How are companies evolving to connect with the next generation of workers? Tallo was created to connect the dots between talent, education, and a highly skilled career in Heavy Industry.

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