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LITES Podcast E05 - $150B is Spent on Workforce Training & Development. Is It a Waste?

innovation on job site, podcast, Training Efficacy, Training & Development, kevin yates, tony groat May 29, 2018

When over $150 billion is spent on training and development in the US every year, we ask ourselves if there is any evidence that this time and money spent is contributing to the business' overall goal. How should this training be measured? Who should be held accountable?

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LITES Podcast E04 - President of Bechtel Equipment, Jim Nolan, On Construction Management & Innovation

Bechtel, LITES, Innovation, innovation on job site, jim nolan May 2, 2018

How can the implementation of technology effect construction job-sites all over the world? Bechtel Corporation uses applied data and analytics to solve large-scale construction issues involving productivity, operation, and job-site budgeting.

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